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University Studies

​​​​​​Program Goals:​

  • Attract outstanding students and provide excellent education opportunities to them.
  • Recognize and encourage outstanding students.
  • Meet the needs of the emirate and the state of qualified personnel in various disciplines.
  • Prepare students to complete their higher studies after graduation in the most prestigious local universities.
  • Prepare leading cadres to contribute to community development.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Scholarships Program Types:

  • Full or partial Scholarships covers tuition fees for studing in accredited private universities.
  • Rewarding Scholarships system during study period at one of the local (public) univiresties.
  • Complementary Scholarships including some features and support for students who have scholarships from other parties.

Accredited Universities:​

Private Univerities​​​​​ Public Universities
 RAK Medical & Health ​Sciences UniversityUAE University
American University of Ras Al KhaimahZayed University
American University of Sharjah​
Higher Colleges of Technology
Paris Sor​bonne University of Abu Dhabi

​Required Discipli​nes:​​

Civil ​Engineering - Petroleum and Gas Engineering Space  Engineering - Mechanical Engineering – Traffic & Transport Engineering - Planning Cities - Business Administration - Properties Management - Law-  Food Science - General health - Agricultural​
& Urban Studies 
Civil Works
Business Administration - Marketing - Tourism management - Investment and financial
Investment and Finance - Business Administration - Marketing  Law
Business & Investment​
Business Administration -Accounting -Human Resources Management-Law
Human Resources​
Business Administration - Ports - Airports Management - Logistics operations Management
Ports & Airports
Business Administration - Accounting - Financial Management and Investment - Statistics – ​Purchases
Computer Engineering - Information Security - Computer Science - Network Engineering - Management Information Systems - Electronic Business
Information Technology
Electronic Engineering - Financial Management - Accounting - Statistics - very few exceptions, logistics management
Economy - Statistics - Business Administration - Law – Marketing
Economic Development
Business Administration - Petroleum Engineering - Gas Engineering - Mining Engineering -  Materials Engineering - Renewable Energy Engineering ​- Geophysical Engineering
Natural Resources
Protocols Management - Public Relations - Mass Communication
Media & Public Relations
 Archaeology - Anthropology
History& Archaeology
Public Health - Health Management - Environmental Sciences - Environmental Engineering - Water Resources Management - Chemical Engineering - Biology​ - Waste Management - General Medicine – Dental - Pharmacy - Nursing
Healt​h & Environment

Benefits and Rewards:

  • A monthly allowance during the study period according to the rewards system based on academic performance and hours completed for public universities.
  • Coverage of tuition in private universities with variety percentages..
  • Additional financial reward for summer training.
  • Financial incentive award in case you receive an excellent grade at the end of each semester (when registering minimum of 15 credit hours).
  • Additional financial rewards at the summer training.
  • Providing a computer (laptop) for students who obtain an excellent GPA after the completion of (50%) of the requirements of the course of study.
  • Special Recognition Award in Ras Al Khaimah Award for educational excellence ceremony.

Services Provided:

  • Provision of academic and professional guidance continuously, and provide multiple study facilities.
  • Provision of a variety of opportunities for self-development in the English language and computer skills, leadership, before, during, and after studying.
  • Provision of opportunities to acquire multiple skills through various workshops and training courses.
  • Provision of training opportunities in outstanding institutions.
  • Support for participation in forums and conferences.
  • Provision of logistical support in the completion of projects and scientific research during studying.
  • Recommending the graduate to work in one of the government bodies in the emirate.

​Entry Requirements:

  • The applicant must be a UAE national.
  • The applicant must have a minimum high school average of 95% (Scientific Section) and minimum average of 97% (Literary Section).
  • The ability to use computer and English language skills, preferably obtaining (IELTS-TOFEL) certificate.
  • The applicant must have unconditional acceptance from an accredited university.
  • Must pass the personal interview.
  • Must study at one of the accredited universities in UAE.

 Required Documents:

  • A copy of the passport.
  • A copy of the national ID
  • A copy of the family book.
  • Personal Photo.
  • A copy of high school certificate (true copy).
  • A copy of the university academic record if the student is enrolled at a university.
  • Three Recommendation Certificates from Teachers and Academic Mentors.
  • English language skills certificate (IELTS-TOFEL).

How to apply:

Personal Submission (fill out the application at the headquarters of the program)

For inquiries and information:

Contact program's phone number: 07-227 5959
Correspondence via e-mail:
Visit the program's headquarters in: Al Nakheel, RAK Chamber of Commerce and Industry building, 8th Floor​​
                                                                       Scholarships Application Form - University Studies

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