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About the Scholarship and Student Development Program


The Scholarship program aims to attract and develop the promising human potentials and abilities and prepare future leaders by attracting outstanding students and provide scholarships for them to complete their studies in priority disciplines and provide comprehensive care for them during the study period.

​The Sheikh Saqr Program for Government Excellence undertakes management, planning and overseeing all administrative, financial and academic aspects of the education's scholarships in coordination with the employers, donors, scientific and cultural institutions, and cultural attaches, and to develop and modify systems and procedures related to it, and provide the various sectors in the Emirate with qualified national cadres at all levels of leadership and operation.​

Sheikh Saqr Program for Government Excellence offers a range of university scholarships in order to prepare skilled and qualified national competencies, and provide a variety of training programs for students' development who are participating in the program, therefore they will be able to achieve their ambitions and devote their efforts to serve the fields that benefit UAE society.​

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