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Distinctive Scholarships

Under the ongoing guidance from His Highness Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah emirate,  RAK Government is taking over the utmost importance to education & care of outstanding students to build the future of this country, hence the distinctive scholarship program initiated to achieve this vision & to confirm that the investing in outstanding students along with providing all forms of  support, care and assistance  in their careers and education path achieve that goal.

We call on all outstanding students, parents and educational institutions to take advantage of this unique opportunity to achieve a bright future for the most expensive local asset and to accomplish developmental aspirations.

Program Goals:​

  • Attract outstanding students and provide excellent education opportunities to them.
  • Recognize and encourage outstanding students.
  • Meet the needs of the emirate and the state of qualified personnel in various disciplines.
  • Prepare students to complete their higher studies after graduation in the most prestigious international universities.
  • Prepare leading cadres to contribute to community development.                                                                                                                                                                                                          ​

Accredited Universities:​

 Accredited​ universities are ​determind, according to the university​ classification issued by :​​

  1. ( QS ) ranking - ​  ​​​​
  2. ​( Shanghai ) ranking

​Required Discipli​nes:​​

Civil ​Engineering - Petroleum and Gas Engineering Space  Engineering - Mechanical Engineering – Traffic & Transport Engineering - Planning Cities - Business Administration - Properties Management - Law-  Food Science - General health - Agricultural​  & Urban Studies 
Civil Works
Business Administration - Marketing - Tourism management - Investment and financial
Investment and Finance - Business Administration - Marketing  Law
Business & Investment​
Business Administration - Accounting - Human Resources Management - Law
Human Resources​
Business Administration - Ports - Airports Management - Logistics operations Management
Ports & Airports
Business Administration - Accounting - Financial Management and Investment - Statistics – ​Purchases
Computer Engineering - Information Security - Computer Science - Network Engineering - Management Information Systems - Electronic Business
Information Technology
Electronic Engineering - Financial Management - Accounting - Statistics - very few exceptions, logistics management
Economy - Statistics - Business Administration - Law – Marketing
Economic Development
Business Administration - Petroleum Engineering - Gas Engineering - Mining Engineering -  Materials Engineering - Renewable Energy Engineering ​- Geophysical Engineering
Natural Resources
Protocols Management - Public Relations - Mass Communication
Media & Public Relations
 Archaeology - Anthropology
History& Archaeology
Public Health - Health Management - Environmental Sciences - Environmental Engineering - ​Water Resources Management - Chemical Engineering - Biology​ - Waste Management - General Medicine – Dental - Pharmacy - Nursing
Healt​h & Environment
Entry Requirements:

  • The applicant must have a minimum high school average of 90%.
  • Must have a minimum GPA of (3.5) for those wishing who are studying currently at university.
  • Must have distinct academic record in the last three years at an average of 90% or equivalent.
  • Must have a minimum 550 points for the English language test (TOFEL) or 6.0 points for (IELTS) or equivalent in the other tests.
  • Must have distinctive record for extra-curricular activities.
  • Three Recommendation Certificates from Teachers and Academic Mentors.
  • Must pass the personal interview.
  • Pledge to work for Ras Al Khaimah Government after the graduation. (A period equal to the period of study)
  • Must study at one of the accredited & classified international universities in UAE.​

Students Rewards:

Students bonuses are determined according to the universities classification which they are studying in as follows:

  • Classification I:​​
Incl​​​​​udes: best 25 universities according to the annual list issued by the two agencies, bonus of  (20,000) AED/month in addition to other benefits.

  • Classification II:
Includes: classified universities ranked between 26-50 according to the annual list issued by the two agencies, bonus of (18,000) AED/month in addition to other benefits.

  • Classification ​III:
Includes: classified universities ranked between 200-50 according to the annual list issued by the two agencies, bonus of  (15,000) AED/ month in addition to other benefits.

​Academic & Career Path:

​​ Monthy Payment​ ​ Experience​ ​ Path Grade Level
20,000 AED abroad
10,000 AED in the country
​( Only the​New YorkUniversity-Abu Dhabi)​
Minimum of 0- 2 ​YearsSpecialist50Professional
​​Minimum of 3 ​Years
Senior Specialist51Professional
​​Minimum of 5 ​Years
Manager Assistant
60,000-50,000Minimum of 7 Years
Minimum of 9 Years
Senior Manager
​​Minimum of 10 ​Years
n 75,000 & More
​​Minimum of 12 ​Years
Senior ​Executive
​​​ ​​

Other Benefits:

  • Annual Flight tickets.
  • Health insurance.
  • A grant for postgraduate studies after graduation.
  • Financial incentive bonus if you get the privilege of appreciation at the end of each semester (after the completion a  minimum of 15 credit hours ).
  • Additional financial reward at the summer training.
  • The provision of a laptop.
  • Special Recognition in educational excellence ceremony (for graduates).
  • Distinguished level Employment after graduation.​
Services Provided:

  • Assistance in submitting enrolment application to prestigious universities.
  • Provision of academic and professional guidance continuously, and provide multiple study facilities.
  • Provision of a variety of opportunities for self-development in the English language and computer skills, leadership, before, during, and after studying.
  • Provision of opportunities to acquire multiple skills through various workshops and training courses.
  • Provision of training opportunities in outstanding institutions.
  • Support for participation in forums and conferences.
  • Provision of logistical support in the completion of projects and scientific research during studying.
  • Recommending the graduate to work in one of the government bodies in the emirate.
  •  Support projects and researches.
  •  Provision of suitable job opportunities after graduation.
Instruction to Get Scholarship:

  • Must apply for admission to the program and attach the required documents.
  • Must pass a personal interview, and planned tests (if any).
  • Must Obtain admission acceptance statement in the selected university 
  • Must sign a contract with SSPGE management and open bank account.
  • Must submmit course started statement attached with academic semester schedule.

Scholarship Continuance Conditions:

  • Must maintain a cumulative grade of at least (3.0) points.
  • Must participation in development programs.
  • Must deliver the academic records and reports at the end of each semester within two weeks.
  • Must updae your personal information at the beginning of each new academic year.
  • Must provide a course registration notice​ to SSPGE management at the beginning of each semester.
  • Must be commitment to the rest of the terms in the contract.

Most Common University Admission Requirements:

  1. Outstanding results in a high school exam.
  2. The results of (SAT) or (ACT) General tests that is related to (3) materials .
  3. The results of the TOEFL tests for (American and Canadian universities) points (550-600), or IELTS for (British and Australian universities) point (6.5-7).
  4. Proficiency in a other language than English.
  5. Pass the personal interviews (if any).
  6. good record in outdoors activities.
  7. Report personal goals and aspirations (Personal Statement).
  8. Submission of all needed documents in November or December to start in the first semester of the next academic year.

General Instructions:

  1. Advance planning and a willingness to get the acceptance of the accredited universities before one year.
  2. Continuous training on the prepartion of English language exams and other standardized tests (SAT, ACT, ......)
  3. Improve English and Mathematics capabilities through supplementary educational courses.
  4. Comprehensive Knowledge on the nature of the admission requirements in desired universities and on preferred major.
  5. Prepare CV and reported personal goals and abilities.

Required documents:

  • A copy of the passport.
  • A copy of the national ID
  • A copy of the family book.
  • Personal Photo.
  • A copy of high school certificate (true copy).
  • A copy of the university academic record for the last 3 years if the student is enrolled at a university.
  • Three Recommendation Certificates from Teachers and Academic Mentors.
  • English language skills certificate (IELTS-TOFEL).

How to apply:

Personal Submission (fill out the application at the headquarters of the program)

For inquiries and information:

Contact program's phone number: 07-227 5959
Correspondence via e-mail:
Visit the program's headquarters in: Al Nakheel, RAK Chamber of Commerce and Industry building, 8th Floor​​​


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